Vice Consul of Consulate General of the US of American Shenyang Visited Our School

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阜新市育才教育网 On October 16, 2012 afternoon, Vice Consul Mr. Andrew Scheineson, Ms Gina from Visa Section of US Consulate General have visited our school, and given a speech to over one hundred students and parents in the lecture hall of section about American Higher Education and Visa Application.

Mr. Andrew Scheineson gave a detail introduction about American education,school and major selection, financial cost of studying and visa Process. He suggested our student not to take US News ranking as the sole determinant when they make decision on what kind of school is right for them. The school selection is a complicated process which should also take your intended major, academic environment, peer support for international student, research opportunities and other relevant elements into consideration. When he mentioned the visa application and interview, he said “In the visa process, all we will do is to find out you are a real student, you can pay the tuition and you will follow the rules of student visa. It is not a test, there is no right or wrong answer. It is just a conversation. So, the best policy is to be honest.”

After the speech, a Question and Answer session was held for students and parents to raise their most concerned the issues. Mr. Andrew Scheineson thoroughly answered all the questions and left everyone a deep impression with his cordial smile and witty language

In the end, Vice Consul highly complimented our students and was amazed by their wonderful English communication ability and outstanding academic achievement. He hoped that he could have the chance to visit our school again in the near future.





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