The 10th Student Union Inauguration Ceremony was held successfully

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阜新市育才教育网 At 9:50 a.m. October 16th, the 10th Student Union Inauguration Ceremony was held in the theater on Hunnan campus. All the teachers and students from international division took part in this activity.

In the past two weeks, by self-introduction posters, homeroom teacher recommendation, campaign speech and student election, the new student union of International Department was finally formed in our expectation. The ceremony began with the announcement of the name of the committee member by Yang Li, from student development office. Afterwards, the student union members gave inauguration speeches and received appointment letters awarded by leaders of division. At the end of the ceremony, Director Wang Dongyang presented a speech on the wishes and entrustment to all the student union members. The ceremony ended in dignity.

The student union is an advanced student group and all the students consider it as an honor to join this group. The members of this student union will undoubtedly cherish the trust that teachers and students endow, fulfill their responsibility, serve the students wholeheartedly and realize their own promise. 

Name list of the 10th Student Union Members of International Division

The president of Student Union:  Har Ryol Kim

The vice-president of Student Union:  Charlene Chu    Anatole CIROT

The minister of Organization Department:  Laycha     Liang Meng

The minister of Art Department:  Dito      Armande CIROT
The minister of Propaganda Department:  Cindy Sun

The minister of Athletic Department: Daniel Liu     Ivan DINH

The minister of Academic Department:   Pierre Erbs

The minister of General Department: Eric Grely 


                                      Speech given by the minister of Organization Department  Laycha

                                              Speech given by the vice-president of Student Union Anatole

                                                                                           Award the appointment letters 1

                                                                                     Award the appointment letters 2







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