Friendship Winter Trip to Michigan Sister School

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阜新市育才教育网 With the curiosity to a strange country and admiration of a different life experience, about 40 students from our junior and senior sections lead by vice-principle Liu Yu flew to our sister school and had a three-week visiting in oxford campus.
This was the third time that the experience trip had been conducted, since the first cooperation in 2010.
What is independent academic scheme? How to participate in the robot laboratory?  Questions like these strongly stimulated the curiosity and aspiration of our students. They had a chance to select their favorite classes in credit system, designed basketball shooting robots with assistances from the instructors and volunteers. After amazing NBA games and super bowl night, students witnessed American huge passion and enthusiasm on sports. They still remembered the first time to wear suits with ties and full dress with high-heels at the winter campus prom. Everything was so exciting and new, behind which was their lack of necessary education about social etiquettes and different cultures.
In this trip, settling in local host families instead of hotels was a novelty experience as well as a complete contact with American family culture. With language help from their American mothers and fathers, students had a sweet conversation and a sumptuous dinner fest combined with Chinese and American food in the decent coffee smell. We were happy to see a deep relationship had been made between our students and their host family in the two weeks.
Students also had a visit in Harford, Yale, MIT and Columbia University. They had a better understanding of university life by the introduction from our graduates Fu Wenbo, Feng Yujia, Wang Xufeng and Li Si who were enrolled in those universities.
American teachers and parents spoke highly of the courteousness, hardworking and the capability of multicultural understanding of Yucai students. Meanwhile, students saw a more real and alive America in different angels and perspectives in this unforgettable trip. 

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