2015 Chinese Bridge Summer Camp for UK Students In Northeast Yucai School

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In 15th July 2015, “Chinese Bridge Summer Camp for UK Students” started in Northeast Yucai School. It is the third time we undertake this activity. Ms. Gao Chen, the principal of Northeast Yucai School, and Mr. Zhao Yue, the secretary of Northeast Yucai School met and took photos with British teachers and students.
64 students and teachers from 4 England middle schools will study and communicate in Yucai for 11 days. Students will learn some traditional Chinese culture courses like Chinese, calligraphy, tea art, and martial arts; they will visit Chinese families and go on a sightseeing tour in Shenyang. During the summer camp, students will experience the colorful folk culture such as sugar painting and clay figurine. There are 27 volunteers from High School Department, Children Department and Foreign Language School serving in the camp. For the British students, we believe the enthusiasm of learning Chinese will be encouraged and motivated by the intensive communication with Chinese students in the camp.
“Chinese Bridge Summer Camp for UK Students” is organized by China National Office for Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language (NOCFL) and Headquarter of Confucius Institute, which is a Chinese language and cultural experience program facing to middle school students in British. Authorized by NOCFL, Northeast Yucai School is a base of extending Chinese language and culture to internationality. At the same time, NOCFL—British Students and Teachers Summer Camp is a vital task to popularize Chinese to the world. It will open the door of communication with Britain students and improve the relationship. 
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