Birth of Yucai School

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Predecessor of the school (1927--1948)
1927-1932      Affiliated Manchuria Specialism Primary School
1933-1936      Mukden Chiyoda Normal Advanced Primary School
1937-1940      Mukden Chiyoda Primary School
1941-1943      Chiyoda Primary School in Mukden Manchuria
1944-1945       Fuji Youth School
1945-July 1946   Chiyoda Primary School in Shenyang
September 1947   students of Chang Teachers College immigrated in, they then immigrated in Fushun
Japanese education center in Shenyang
Banner presented by Chiyoda alumni union
Otomo tailo rewarding scholarship to students
Solar-powered clock presented by Chiyoda alumni union
West Block in 1930
Alumni union of Chiyoda Primary School
Chiyoda alumni union of 1987 grade at school
In 1980, the Bureau of Education in Shenyang made certain to progress the experiment of ‘compulsory 5 primary-4 junior education module’ in Yucai.Yucai began to recruit two classes a grade in the primary school. The experiment drew high attention from the leaders of Bureau of National Education ang Research.
In the may of 1981, yucai began to be under direct superision of Shenyang Bureau of Education. In the same year, Yucai was confirmed key school in liaoning province.
In 1978, the first Student union was founded. In 1981, the first Teacher Council convened.
In 1981, the football team titled ‘National Hope Cup’ in football, represanting the high schools in Shenyang.
Meanwhile, Yucaiwas honored as ‘Advanced Unit’, ’Red Unit’ in Heping district and the City of Shenyangas well.
Chiyoda is a geographic name in Japan.

阜新市育才教育网 Chiyoda Primary School was operated specially for Japanese living descendants in China during war time. It closed down after Japan surrendered in 1945, and the expatriate went back to Japan gradually. Afterwards, those who ever studied at Chiyoda Primary School were so sentimentally attached to the days in Chiyoda Primary School, now YuCai, that they founded an organization known as “former Mukden Chiyoda alumni union”, with members as many as several hundred.

Since the beginning of Sino-Japanese relations, all members of the alumni union paid visit to our school. In September 1987, the union organized a visiting mission of more than 70, getting here and was warmly received .In August 1989, the former headmaster Ge Chaoding and former vice president Zhao Kweiyang got to Japan on invitation and they were also warmly received. In 1944, the forty-fifth anniversary of NorthEast YuCai School, the Chiyoda alumni union bestowed a solar-powered clock on our school, which stands before the Main Block.

The honorary president Otomo tailo

In September 1911, Otomo tailo helped YuCai with the foundation of Japanese education center in Shenyang. That same year, he also helped to start the “Otomo tailo scholarship” which was annually given to outstanding students. He passed away in 1944.

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