Friendship Collaboration

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阜新市育才教育网 Friendship Collaboration:

Domestic: In 1986, the collaboration body of some key secondary schools in Liaoning Province set up, with Yucai being one of its founders. Northeast Yucai school, together with more than ten schools such as Beijing No.8 High School, Tianjin Yaohua High School, Hunan Normal University affiliated High school, set up the National Gifted Education School Collaboration. In 1992, the second annual meeting of National Gifted Education was held in the Northeast Yucai School.
International: Northeast Yucai school has became sister school with numerous schools around the world, including the No.61 secondary schools of Perm city in Russia (1991), the Confucian independent secondary schools in Malaysia (1994), the Gyeonggi Science Universities in South Korea (1996), the St. • Burckhardt Arts Secondary School in Germany (1996), the Institute of Education of Appalachian State University in United States (1997), the Toyama Prefecture Central High School in Japan (1999), the affiliated high school north of Chicago of the University of Chicago (2000), the Francisco • Made Luo School in Chicago (2000), and the Ou Dizi • Domingo Elementary School in Chicago (2000).
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