Talent Education

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阜新市育才教育网 www.fxyucai.com In1985, Mr. Ge Chaoding was appointrd to the president of neyc. At the meantime, as an experimental school, neyc became one of the two schools directly affiliated to the Council of education of Shenyang. Mr. Ge reform determined to reform, innovate and advance, lead the neyc to a brand new page of our school. In 1991, neyc was nominated by Shenyang Council of education to the Sheyang Talent education experiment school.
Purpose of education:
During the meantime, the school set the aim as facing the 21st Century internationalization, informationization, high technologicalization, time of Knowledge economy; Create an education mode which combine the advantages of modernization, Efficiency and cultivating high class creative elite both from China and West. Develop NEYC into an experimental, model and international Chinese style school and the educational aim of “learning to care, learning to create, develop in all aspect, 初露才华”.
Size of education
The school develop from a complete middle school measuring 50 acres and consisted of 30 classed to a ‘3 Areas 4 Division’(North Campus, South Campus, Foreign Language Division, Middle School, High School and Bilingual Division) measures sum up to 38(?) acres, an education Corporation involving primary school, middle school, High school, composed of 106 classes(estimated to increase to 130 classes in the future).
Talent Education Experiments
At 1986, the first grade of Freaks Young Talents Class started to admit students, indicate the Experiment of Talent Education. Up to now, the talent education includes 3 modes: Middle School 4-years Talent Education Class, where students enroll before 11, complete the curricular demand in 4 years; Single Subject Talent Education Experimental Class, including Maths Enhanced class, English Language Enhanced class and Japanese Language Enhanced Class; Normal State-Talent education experimental class, in which are 3 years mode and 6 years mode.
Moral Education
The school Always put moral education at the first place, developed the Systematic Project of Moral education in NEYC, including 12 branches, forming the moral education into a everyone involved entity, transform the students moral education into real place.The moral education work gain the honor by Province and City administration.

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