International Communication Major Events(1998-2004)

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阜新市育才教育网 1.1998 .3.3 Watanabeihakusi, the clerk of international cpmmunication course in Yokohama iCity, Kanagawa Drefecture in Japan, visitedYucai. President Ge Chaoding welcomed the foreign guest and introduced her the basic information of the school.
2.1998.3.4 The principal of Brooks Houses School, Lister Charles visited Yucai, and discussed the established of sister school with the school leaders.
3.1998.3.5 Accroding to the spirit of cooperation between Yucai and U.S State Kaluolaiye Northern Appalachian State University, the vice principal od Yucai, Gu zuyu, went to the Appalachian University with Jiang Juhui, Wangjinghuafor further study,Mainly about ‘Modern Education Theory’ and “Application Of Computer On Education” .
4.1998 late March During the days when president Ge ChaoDing visited Singapore along with the mission of Liaoning Talent Company,Yucaimade term with Chinese High School and Nanyang Girls High School that the school would preferred select 8-15 students of the ninth gradeang sent them to study. The charge will be sponsored by Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce, chinese High Schooland Nanyang Girls High School. After these studentsfinish the prescriptive course, they will attend the GECO-level Examination and those who can attain goods cores can access to elective classesto the Junior College with scholarship and further study in National University of Singapore or Nanyang Technological University.
5.1998.4.30 The principal and vice principal of Singapore ChineeHigh School Du hui, Lin gindeng visited Yucai and discussed affar of sending students to Singapore Chinese High School and Nanyang Girls High School.
6.1998,early June Teachers ang students from U.S Appalachin State Universityvisited Yucai for a 20-day visit and lecture. They were: Dr.John Tashnor(director and professor of the educayion computer science departmant) and his graduates. In the school , they gave the teachers traning on mordern education technology, mainly about: digital camera, scanner and related software, web development and design, network design and management, application software development, online search, works, Office 97, Hyperstudio and other computer and internet knowledge. Dr. Tashuer also delivered a report about Amercan education to all the teacher of our school. When they were in China, they also visited places of interests in Shenyang , Dalian, Benxi, and other places.

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