Happy Beijing Tour---- Autumn Chinese Cultural Theme Education Activity

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         In order to create an opportunity for students to enjoy the places of historic interest and scenic beauty in China, to give them a better understanding of Chinese local customs and practices, Sept. 25th to 28th, all the foreign students and teachers of Northeast Yucai International Section went to Beijing and had a four-day cultural tour. During the trip, students and teachers visited the Tiananmen Square, the Monument to the People’s Hero, China Science and Technology Museum, Beijing Planetarium, Beijing’s Olympic Park and the Summer Palace. On the 27th, all the students and teachers spend a whole day in Happy Valley, and experience the adventure and excitement. All those historic sites gave students a virtual glimpse of the past, and at the same time, the High-tech Science Museums, newly built buildings showed them the prosperous of a new Beijing. What they have seen and experienced made a memorable and unforgettable trip for all.
       This theme education activity has broadened foreign students’ horizon, deepen their understanding in Chinese history and culture, expanded their knowledge in science, and relaxed their body and mind. It will become a precious memory for all the foreign students and teachers in China.

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